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Greenwood Locksmith

Locking yourself out of your car is no fun at all. If you have ever done that, you know it all too well. But waiting for a locksmith to arrive and bail you out is even less fun than locking yourself out! No one wants to spend the evening standing beside a completely locked car that has no use at all… Adam the Key Man Greenwood will not force you to wait, quite the contrary: we will be as fast and as punctual as possible. Are you looking for car lockout services right now? Call 302-241-0440 and we will be there in a jiffy!

Locksmith in Greenwood installs quality mobile home locks

Possessing a mobile home is a great adventure for many of us, they offer the possibility to finally settle down some place we can call home. However, mobile homes work just like any other housing (apartment or house) that one can buy: when you manage to take hold of it, you should immediately change the locks and the keys so that no unauthorized person can enter. So if you need a good locksmith Delaware or in Greenwood and new mobile home locks, look no more: we are here for you. Call us right now!

Adam the Key Man Greenwood installs and opens padlocks

In some cases, installing a padlock is the best solution to a door problem – no need for long and problematic construction works and hand fitting, a quick installation does the trick, and you are good to go. Adam the Key Man Greenwood not only sells and delivers padlocks but also offers padlock opening solutions to those who have a tendency to loose keys. An old padlock that you cannot open or a lost key that keeps your gate closed? No problem at all. Call us at 302-241-0440 and we will be there in an instant!

Locksmiths offer peephole installation

Many people fear for their personal security especially those who live alone, who are elderly, or who spend a lot of time alone without the presence of their family members. Of course, they are not paranoid: they have good reason to be afraid. We live in dangerous times. These people, quite rightly, do not open their doors to just anyone. If they want to make sure that the person in front of the door is the right person, peephole installation is the best solution to the problem. Are you in this situation? Call us right now and our locksmith will increase your sense of security in a moment!

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