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Hartly Locksmith

Modern transponder keys and car locks are sometimes very difficult to handle most especially when you have some sort of a problem with them. When they do not work. When you cannot open that door… As these keys contain chips and other electronic elements, they are not your classical keys. They are not that easy to work with or to repair them. Sometimes only a locksmith can help you with your problem. And that is what we are here for. In these cases, call Adam the Key Man Hartly instantly on 302-241-0440, and we will be there for you in a jiffy!

Adam the Key Man in Hartly offers aesthetic window gates

A street level window or an ambulatory that is easily accessible from the outside? Do you fear for your security, do you want to keep your valuables safe from harm’s way? You would like to have a window gate installed, but you are afraid that it will ruin the view or the looks of your property? Adam the Key Man in Hartly offers secure and safe window gates that are not only functional, but also very aesthetic. You can call us anytime on 302-241-0440 for prompt sizing, design and installation and we deliver exactly what you need!

Locksmith Hartly installs magnetic locks

The best locksmiths know the functioning of modern locks just as well as the functioning of classical locks. Magnetic locks are undoubtedly the best among these modern locks: though they need constant electricity in order to function perfectly, they do not need as much construction and installation work as classical locks do. You can decide how you want the lock to function if electricity is cut (whether you want it to release or remain locked). Do not forget that Adam the Key Man Hartly is the best place to come to if you need magnetic locks!

Locksmiths offer quick new locks installation

Imagine that you hire a housekeeper (a valet, if you are super rich) who suddenly disappears. Or imagine that you have just gotten rid of an annoying lover who refuses to give your keys back. What do you do if that happens? Of course, you instantly think about calling a Delaware locksmith, changing the locks and installing new ones so that the old keys no longer function. For quick new locks installation, call 302-241-0440, and we are there as soon as possible. Do not forget to ask our colleague about the month’s sales and promotions!

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