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Repairing transponder keys is different from repairing other kinds of keys. This kind of keys works on electromagnetic principles. Locksmiths who can service normal keys won’t be able to service transponder keys. Repairing these keys need, not just mechanical skills but a sound knowledge of electromagnetic principle. Adam the Key Man locksmith in Lewes DE is one company that employs professionals with both mechanical and scientific knowledge for handling this kind of jobs. Don’t take the risk of getting your transponder keys serviced by conventional locksmiths and end up having to go for new keys at a heavy cost. Call us for any problem with your transponder keys for reliable service.

Install master key systems with expert advice and help

Interested in master key systems? You need good advice and expertise. Implementing a master key system needs careful analysis, design and installation. Trust Adam the Key Man in Lewes DE to do this for you. We are experts in all matters related to installation and service of keys. You need master keys for emergencies. Unless the system is well designed and executed, you will get stuck when you need to use these master keys. Our trained and experienced professionals will visit your place, inspect the system and give you the solution. We are thorough in planning, professional in execution and fast in delivery. Call us for a delightful experience.

Have your keys copied by us

Do you have copies of your keys? You should. You need extra keys for several purposes. Extra keys will help giving independent access to multiple users. Offices and even homes may need this facility. Having duplicate keys is also a protection against losing keys or suffering unexpected lockouts. Don’t be complacent or overcautious by not going for key copies. Feel safe by using the expertise of Adam the Key Man in Lewes DE, the leaders in all kinds of lock and key services. We will have your keys copied carefully copied by our experts, make copies of the keys and deliver them to you in time.

Want your locks rekeyed?

Do you want to change your lock for security reasons? You can have your locks rekeyed keeping the lock rekeyed. But not all locksmiths can do this. Contact Adam the Key Man Lewes Locksmith DE who has the expertise. We have technicians specially trained to do rekeying jobs. They will quickly change the keys of your lock without disturbing it. Rekeying may sometime result in keys not turning smooth or not functioning at all. This can happen when the job is done by people without the needed expertise for this job. We will guarantee the safety of your lock and smooth functioning of the new keys. Call us at 302-241-0440.

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