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Marydel Locksmith

Transponder keys are one of the most interesting things in the locksmith business. Their functioning is very difficult to understand, and the majority of manufacturers come up with and produce their own technologies almost every year. It means that locksmiths should understand transponder keys individually and learn their functionng one by one. Our business, Adam the Key Man Locksmith Dover DE and locksmith Marydel are proud to tell you that we can help you with any kind of transponder key you do not have to go to a specialized car dealership anymore. We are there for you to help you with any problem 100% professionalism, 24/7 service, from the best in town!

Adam the Key Man in Marydel to install master key systems

Adam the Key Man in Marydel is not a simple locksmith business. We know all about the job: we know how to install, repair and re-key locks, we know how to copy keys, install magnetic locks and other professional systems. We are also able to deliver and install master key systems to any business or particular who has to deal with numerous rooms and a staff that has no time or capacity to run around with dozens of keys. We can save you time, money and effort the answer is a master key system! Contact us instantly on 302-241-0440 and ask for the sale of the week!

Adam the Key Man Marydel delivers your keys copied

You would think that copying keys is easy and to some extent, it is. But copying keys is also an art. Think about this: how many times has it happened that the new key did not work as perfectly as the old one? How many times has it happened that you had to go back to your locksmith and ask for a new key that actually functions? Adam the Key Man Marydel is better than this: we master this art and the keys copied are just perfectly functional. Do not hesitate to call us if you need new keys we deliver the best in town.

Locks rekeyed by locksmiths

“Locks rekeyed? Now, that is something I have never heard of! What does that mean?” Well, that is a great trick that every locksmith needs to learn and routinely offer to clients who do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on changing locks. It is much easier to rekey a lock than to buy and to install a completely new one. Each and every locksmith who works for us is a seasoned professional who is capable to do this quickly and efficiently. Call us right now and your lock changing will mean no more than a few minutes and the need to use new keys!

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