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Millsboro Locksmith

You know the classical situation, don’t you? You are on the run, you are late, you have to leave as soon as possible… you are closing the door, and bang…. you realize that you did not grab your keys and you have no way to get back in your apartment! (Of course the friend who has the spare key is out on vacation, so you cannot call him!) But never worry: Locksmith in Delaware and locksmith Millsboro are there for you with 24/7 lockout services. Save the number and call us when you need help: 302-241-0440.

Locksmith in Millsboro repairs and installs magnetic locks

Magnetic locks might constitute a nice solution to every business who wishes to simplify the access to its premises. Adam the Key Man in Millsboro can install these locks so that a single PIN code might suffice for all employees. And when you need the change the code (for example when someone leaves the company for good), it takes only a short minute to do it: you only have to distribute the new code. The lock needs electricity to work, but if you want to, in case of the loss of electricity, the lock can stay well, locked. With magnetic locks, you are 100% protected. Ask for the month’s deal now!

Unique window gates from Locksmith Millsboro

Window gates are often like the necessary evil: they should be there on your first floor window, but you are not sure that they do not ruin the look of your building. They should be nice, but they are monstrous at the same time… Our business, Adam the Key Man Millsboro delivers both things needed, and in high quality: a nice outside view and the security that you need. Our window gates are custom made, 100% prepared for you. Call us and we will plan, measure, create and install the perfect window gate for you. Monthy sales and promotions available, remember to ask for them!

Locksmiths who work on the evenings: an everyday reality!

Imagine that you have a lock or a key problem in the middle of the night and the first thing that you think is this: “Oh my God, how am I going to find a locksmith in the middle of the night one that is willing to come and help me at 11 PM?” And you are right: most locksmiths do not work on the evenings. But we are not most locksmiths! We are the best in town, and we do act like the best in town! We really do work on the evenings, so save our number and make sure to call us when (if) you are in trouble. We will help you as soon as possible!

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