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Are a you a small business owner, who has a little work site and who has just hired a new employee? Do you want to offer them a key so that they can enter that work site? If that is the case, you will need to have the office keys copied. And yes, Adam the Key Man Rehoboth Beach DE is the place to go to if you need new keys. Why? Because we are the only locksmiths in town that can help you 24/7, and Locksmith Rehoboth Beach DE is the only business that provides the same steady quality all the time! We have a quality guarantee: if you are not content with what we provide, we refund you, no questions asked. We believe in our work this much. You should believe in us, too.

Locks rekeyed by locksmith in Rehoboth Beach DE

Imagine that you have property in our city, but you live elsewhere. You pay a person to check on your apartment every now and then but suddenly, this person dissappears. No phone calls, no SMS, no e-mails. You begin to worry. Should you ask someone else? Did something bad happen? Should you fly out there? Should you call a locksmith and change the locks? But that would cost a fortune and you so do not need this right now! That is where Adam the Key Man in Rehoboth Beach DE comes in the picture. The good news is that you do not have to change your locks and it will not cost you a fortune. Locks can be re-keyed, too. It means that you will have a new key, and whatever that person did or does, they will not be able to ender your flat from then on… sounds good? Call us: 302-241-0440.

Adam the Key Man Rehoboth Beach DE installs master key system

A master key system is practical. Numerous times, Adam the Key Man Rehoboth Beach DE drew your attention to the fact that a master key system would be a good thing for your staff. But have we ever told you that master key systems are also able to enhance security? Think about it: you have a fancy hotel, and you do not want your clients to wander around. What do you do? Of course you create subgroups in your master key system! More precisely, first floor guests will be able to enter only the first floor and their own room. Fourth floor guests will be able to enter only the fourth floor and their suite. Your security people should never again run around like crazy to find that nice old lady! She will be there, right on her floor.

Adam the Key Mans available for new locks installation

New locks installation is the oldest trick in the book for every locksmith. However, it is not an easy thing to do nor is it to be taken for granted. To sum it up, it can be screwed up. But not if you call us! If you insist on our locksmith doing the job for you, it is guaranteed that you will have the result that you are looking for. Quality guarantee and a 24/7 service – which means that you can call us right now or in fact anytime when you need us: 302-241-0440.

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