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Felton Locksmith

We know that you know how important security is. You need to protect what is yours, like your apartment and your valuables. Help yourself, and Heaven will help you too, as the saying goes! No insurer will pay your claim if you do not protect what is to be protected. A good door lock is a first step towards security (however, you should consider adding deadbolts or opting for high security locks as well). Adam the Key Man Felton is the leading locksmith business in town. We are certified providers who are able to deliver what is demanded by insurers and by good sense: quality door locks that protect you. Ask for a quote right now and we will offer an instant discount in return!

Adam the Key Man in Felton to install high security locks

Sometimes, a simple door lock is not enough. Sometimes, added dead-bolts are not enough. Sometimes, if you really fear for your security, you should consider adding high security locks to your arsenal. Bad guys wanting to enter need to spend more time breaking these locks (sometimes it is quite impossible without making much noise), which means that they often opt for easier, more available targets. You know the drill: if you are not an explicit target, it is often enough to have a slightly better, stronger lock than your neighbor’s lock. That might make all the difference. The high security locks offered by our professionals might just do the trick. Call Adam the Key Man in Felton now and meet a colleague of ours today 302-241-0440!

Locksmith Felton, expert of ignition switch keys

You are sipping your coffee, thinking about the day that you have ahead of you. You open your car door, get in, you tighten your security belt and get ready to move. You insert your key, push the gas pedal – and it does not work. Your engine remains silent. In fact, the key does not turn at all. You should know that this is a common problem with ignition switch keys (the “official” name of classical car keys)! Adam the Key Man Felton has been on the market for decades and has had to help hundreds of people who were in the same shoes. A professional locksmith can solve this problem in 5 to 10 minutes tops – and you can be sure that we are 200% professional.

Locksmiths provide key duplication

Key duplication, in theory, is not a big deal. You go and find a place to copy your keys, ask for a copy, pay and get out. Simple, isn’t it? It is, but consider two things: first, is it easy to find a place like that nowadays? And secondly, how can you be sure that the guy you choose is good enough? We are not talking about being the best in town, but being good enough: giving you a quality copy that won’t break, at least. If you choose our locksmith business, you can be sure, first, that we are easily accessible and available, and second, that you receive the BEST service in town. An when you know that you have dealings with the best in town, you do not have to worry about good enough anymore! For more information, read our blog.

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