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Digital door locks are widely used in places where security is paramount: government agencies, airports, businesses trying to protect their trade secrets, places where there are restricted areas… digital locks are the best solution if you want to identify all the people coming and going. Numerous solutions help you to protect what is rightfully yours: PIN codes, magnetic cards, biometric codes and so on. You have to choose the level of security that you want to achieve, then Adam the Key Man Lewes DE comes and install your digitally protected security door locks. Call us right now and ask for a friendly quote 302-241-0440!

Adam the Key Man in Lewes DE sells the best gun locks on the market

Imagine that your five year-old little boy wanders into your room…. opens the drawers… tries to explore the world…. looks for something to play with…. and there he finds your unlocked gun. He knows what it is, he knows that superheroes have guns like that and he knows that people have three lives and that you can restart the game… should we continue? Be a responsible parent, call Adam the Key Man Lewes DE right now and order one of our security gun locks that let you protect your children. Then they can find your gun. But they will not be able to use it. And that is the point.
Locksmith Lewes DE

Adam the Key Man Lewes DE makes homes unlocked

You are at the airport and they are just telling you that your bag is lost – they will surely look it up and send it to your home the next day. Well, that is awfully nice of them, except all your keys are in that damn suitcase so now you cannot even open the doors of your home. You are soooo not looking forward to your evening, trying to call friends who have the spare keys….oops, that will not work, ’cause they are on vacation, too! Damn, you will have to find a locksmith in order to be able to even enter your own home. Grr. And that is where we come in the picture: Adam the Key Man Lewes DE provides a 24/7, quick service. Homes unlocked in a jiffy, you only have to call us! So save the number, you never know when you might need it 302-241-0440.

Adam the Key Mans install master key systems

On the grand scheme of things, master key systems are the second best thing right after locks. Well, locks are simply the best because they help you to protect what is rightfully yours. But master key systems also help you to decide who can enter and where. For example: you have a fancy hotel and you do not want your customers to get lost and wander around. So you want third level guests to be able to go the third level, nowhere else? You want first floor guests to be able to go to the first level,nowhere else? A master key system in your elevator? Sure, why not! Our professional locksmith can do that too. We install master key systems ever since we were in diapers. So call us: 302-241-0440.

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