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Kenton Locksmith

Transponder keys are difficult to understand but our professional locksmiths master their functioning – and they know all about the special manufacturer types, too. Adam the Key Man Kenton DE is the best place in town to call if you have any type of problem with your transponder keys. Our services are instant services, which means that they are available 24/7 anywhere in the city. Should you run into problems, do not hesitate to dial our number. You can rest assured that there is always someone answering: 302-241-0440.

Locksmith in Kenton DE to repair vehicle locks

Whether you have an old timer or a brand new vehicle, their locks might need repairing sometimes. Now, you have two possibilities: find your usual expensive dealer who will charge your entire bi-weekly paycheck or call a reliable, respectable locksmith business who will still do the job, but charge an acceptable amount that does not drive you to bankruptcy. So save the number of Adam the Key Man in Kenton DE 302-241-0440 and make sure that you keep it as a security net should the need ever arise. Honestly, we hope that we never meet. But if we do, you can count on us.

Locksmith Kenton DE sells and installs window locks

Window locks are astute little things that let you leave your window open even if said window cannot really be left open – you know, like in times of aggressive winds and droughts. Window locks make sure that the window is only open as much as you want it to be, that it does not shut when you do not want it to. And Adam the Key Man Kenton DE is the best place to come for window locks: we have the latest and the best models out there. And we can install them, too, you only need to ask for a comprehensive quote and it is done!

A locksmiths who work on weekends?

A locksmith who works on weekends? Somebody who is always there when you need a helping hand? Yes! Yes, yes and yes! That is not impossible anymore! Locksmith in Kenton DE is exactly that type of business. We are 24/7 on duty and we are ready to help you whenever the need arises. Unlike many other locksmith businesses, we are actually open and available all the time – and that is not just talk. We work on weekdays and we work on weekends. There is always a professional locksmith available. Save the number 302-241-0440 right now so you know where to look for help, just in case…

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